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“I have never been athletic, or consistent in any exercise program. However, as I age, I realize how important this is.  I have been working with Lynne for 7 months and feel so much stronger and  more flexible. For example, squats and Essentrics class moves have allowed me to  deep clean my house without being sore;  pulling out furniture,  cleaning hardwood floors, squatting to clean baseboards and reaching high to clean door and window frames. Lynne is so supportive with a clear program,  encouraging words, a gentle push when needed, and always available for consultation.  I am very grateful for her support and guidance, as I would never have gotten this far on my own.”


“We started working with Lynne Sept 2015, and have been working with her weekly ever since.  She works with us together (we are sisters), and tailors our workouts to our individual needs.   Lynne is exceptional at  challenging us to strive to push our personal boundaries (even when we think we cannot do something).  She uses all types of equipment, Bands, TRX, weights. She keeps the routines different every week, and we swear it is the fastest hour of the week!!  Lynne is energetic, fun committed and inspirational and we cannot recommend her enough!”

D.Trenchuk & C. Gorsline

“Knowing doesn’t make a difference…

For as long as I can remember, I have known the secret to losing weight. It’s quite simple really, eat less exercise more. Said another way, burn more calories than you take in. However, as I get older (well over 40 is all I will say on that note), it seems that “knowing” doesn’t make a difference and burning calories takes much more work than consuming them. So despite regular gym visits, my weight and general well-being were continuing to slip. At times, it seemed like my body’s fate had been sealed…it was slowly transforming into the dreaded “Dad-bod”. Needless to say, something had to change. That was when I met Lynne Loiselle.

Understand that my goals didn’t (and still don’t) include making the cover of Men’s Health or winning some Mr. Universe title. Not at all…they were simple, I wanted to feel better (healthier) and reverse – or at least – slow the effects of ageing that I was currently experiencing. I wanted to turn this “Dad-bod” into something else. Anything else. Lynne was very empathetic and immediately seemed to know what I was getting at and agreed to take on the challenge.

Lynne also understands that life sometimes gets in the way. So while I try to get to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes it’s only two or three times. She gets that following a strict diet isn’t always practical – and more times than not, it’s about making the healthier (or least unhealthy) choice from the options you have. It’s that balance and realistic approach that make Lynne special and unique to work with.

I can’t say enough about how my life has changed in such a short time. My family and coworkers have noticed the change, and I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. Since working with Lynne, not only do I feel better, my clothes fit nicer – I have gone down two pant sizes – without changing my diet. I have more energy – except after a workout, then I am usually exhausted (only temporarily).

I highly recommend Lynne to anyone thinking about working with a personal trainer. The workouts are fun (okay, not always fun – but they are as fun as we make them) and challenging. She changes the routine up often enough that I don’t get bored, yet manages to maintain the focus on the areas that need attention and continues to develop and grow other areas.

So while knowing how to lose weight didn’t make a difference, knowing Lynne (and working with her) definitely did…and for that I am grateful.”

Dwayne D.

“Whatever my goals, from gaining strength to prepping for a Figure show, to maintaining or improving my fitness level, Lynne has been right there with me. Her  unparalleled knowledge paired with her “kick my butt” workouts never fail to get me right where I want to be!  There really isn’t anyone I trust more to help guide my fitness and health… because of her, I really do know I can!” 

Catherine M.

“I have been training with Lynne for 2 years now. I went to her with some injuries and a single goal – to lose weight. What I was doing wasn’t working for me anymore and, though I’m not an uber fit competing bodybuilder, I knew there had to be more. Lynne has taught me about strength training, nutrition, goal setting, the importance of health and what that TRULY means, and what my body needs! I am now stronger, both physically and mentally. She is a knowledgeable coach, a powerful motivator, a great listener, and an understanding supporter in my journey to change and love myself.”

Kelly B.

OMG, Lynne, the BandCamp class was AWESOME!

  • 30 min , perfect! [ suits my short attention span 😊 ]
  • I was ‘tired’ from workout, felt my muscles being used, but next day NOT SORE
  • Very UNIQUE exercises, that I had not seen before
  • LOVED the full body usage
  • LOVED the order in which you did the exercises, and the repeat sequence.
  • The WHOLE workout was great


You are AWESOME, much thanx for offering this class.”

Joan S.

“After struggling with chronic lower back pain for about a year and finally realizing I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I realized that I would have to train and workout in a different way. I was determined to find someone to train me while not aggravating my back and making it stronger at the same time. I found Lynne through an acupuncturist and haven’t looked back. Lynne completed a thorough assessment on me and gave me a program to support my back while helping me to meet my personal health goals. I am getting stronger and my back is on the road to recovery as well. I am working out with no back pain for the first time in a long time.  Lynne has educated me on proper posture, working on the foundations of weight lifting and making me feel the strongest I have felt in a long time. Thank you Lynne. I couldn’t be happier!”

Andrea G.

“I have trained with many personal trainers in the past and I myself and am in the health and wellness field and have a good knowledge of how the body works. Lynne is detail oriented and does an amazing assessment on the body to understand what your body needs in order to reach your goals. I am more then confident in sending her patients who have both previous or present injuries that they are working through. She has a depth of knowledge in all aspects of fitness including her background in body building and excellent nutritional advice. I can’t say enough good things about Lynne Loiselle as my trainer.”

Dr. Jennifer Nelson, TCMD, R.Ac, PTA

“Lynne Loiselle was the catalyst for exercise and food changes needed in my life and she remains the facilitator of the changes I have made and continue to live by.

I started out in September 2014 training with Lynne on a regular basis and the changes implemented in my life were game changers. Because of the work we did together I am more aware of the foods I eat, what’s in them and how they hurt or benefit me. I train on a regular basis so that I can continue to enjoy, as I approach 60, the things I enjoyed doing at 30. I’m very active climbing, hiking and scrambling and in groups, still find that I am one of the fittest. Lynne has given me the self-confidence to go into any gym, in any town and do any exercise I want. I know what I am doing and I am comfortable because of how and what Lynne taught me. My cupboards also went through a purge and although I am not the cleanest eater I am a very healthy eater. I am very aware today of the difference between the calories in an oreo cookie for example versus the calories in an apple or some chicken. Lynne has taught me so much and Lynne and I still work together and I imagine I will always be working with Lynne. With Lynne you can be assured that her expectations of your performance will be high, as high as the standards she trains and lives by herself.

Lynne is my trainer, my coach, my supporter and my friend.

Last set, best set are the words I still hear today when I am struggling to finish a set.”

Mike C.

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