Hear what my clients are saying about Essentrics®


“Lynne’s Essentrics exercise class is a fabulous alternative to Yoga! Whole body movements, clear and concise instructions provided by Lynne in a friendly and supportive manner, self-pacing encouraged, and generally a workout that promotes wellness. Lynne has been my personal trainer for more than five years now providing strength training expertise with adaptable programs. She is very capable of making modifications depending on the client’s circumstances. After two hand surgeries, I continued working out under Lynne’s tutelage and now I am stronger than ever!!”

Kelly B.

“I can’t recommend Lynne’s classes enough!  I started with her before Covid restrictions and have been doing her online classes since.  The live classes really work to keep me motivated and certainly helped me stay sane and healthy.  I could start at where my body was at and progress or modify as I needed.  Recently, I started indoor tennis lessons and was happy to find that I was able to handle that activity.  I really credit Lynne for her excellent instructions as she guides us through movements, keeping it varied and interesting.  I am looking forward to getting outside to ski and snowshoe, too!”


“I’ve attended a LOT of fitness classes over the years and Lynne is by far the best instructor I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and Essentrics is a fabulous class for people (like me) with the goal of improving overall body condition & strength in a very minimal joint impact method.”

Leah V.

Essentrics with Lynne is an awesome class , you feel so great afterwards …anyone thinking of doing one of her four classes offered, I would highly recommend.”

Lucille R.

Overheard in class:

“My neck is so much looser now.”

“I can sit crossed legged on the floor now.  I couldn’t do that before Essentrics.”

“I can reach 4 inches higher when I squeegee the shower :)” 

“It feels like a full body massage.  I hardly go to my massage therapist anymore.”

“I was able to fly for 5 hours without back pain of any kind.”

“My shoulder feels great!  I haven’t had to see my physio in months.”

“I feel so good after.”

“I had the best sleep after class.”

“I can now get up and down from the floor with more ease.  This is so helpful when playing with my grand-daughter.”

“Going up and down the stairs is a lot easier.  I have more strength.”

“My balance has greatly improved.”

“I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the classes.”

“Essentrics with Lynne is an amazing experience. It is a continuous movement of stretching and strengthening all parts of your body. I highly recommend this class for anyone, and especially for individuals with mobility issues. Lynne is a delightful individual and instructor who is always there to help in any way she can.”

Leslie E.

“I signed up for Lynne’s Essentric class – finally I found an Essentrics class in southwest Calgary. I have been doing Essentrics Classical Stretch in my basement to DVDs for about 1 year and it was so nice to actually go to a live class. Lynne’s instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Her DEMO class was extremely informative; she spoke with clarity and passion. The workout, as all Essentrics workouts, left me with an extreme sense of well-being and I felt totally stretched. I have become an evangelist for Essentrics … it truly has made me pain free … try it, you’ll like it!”

Joan S.

“Lynne is an exceptional instructor! I feel 100% after her class, stretched tall!”

Judy D.


“Essentrics gave me my life back.” 


“I was looking for an alternative to yoga when I came across Lynne’s Essentrics class. I love it! The flowing movements are similar to ballet and physio therapy. I leave the class feeling stronger, refreshed and with a sense of well-being. Great program and fantastic instructor! Highly recommend!!”

Rosie H.

“Hi Lynne!

Thanks for checking in with me today! I felt great this morning other than some soreness in my pecs, which is to be expected. I really enjoyed the workout.

I felt extremely cared for during the workout and your modifications and encouragements were so appreciated.

Thank you again for introducing me to a new way of thinking about fitness in my healing journey and beyond!”

Breast Cancer Survivor

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