Meet Lynda Vowell

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Mom to 2 girls, and grandmother to 6 delightful grandchildren aged from 12 to 20.  (How did that happen?) I am a retired nurse, worked in Emergency for 27 years, then managed an injury prevention program for junior high students for 17 years.

Lynda and her 6 grandchildren

You met Lynne via Essentrics.  How did you hear about Essentrics?

I retired 9 years ago after knee replacement surgery. I have since then suffered a fractured ankle, and had the other knee replaced, and my flexibility and mobility was decreasing.  I happened to catch Classical Stretch episodes on PBS, and googled Essentrics in Calgary.  One of the sessions I noticed was with a former Emergency Department colleague in North Calgary – Marcia; I contacted her and she suggested Lynne in the south, and the rest is history as they say!  

How long have you been taking Essentrics classes with Lynne and how has Essentrics benefited you?

I began in the fall of 2017 once a week, then started with twice weekly sessions. To say I love it is an understatement!  My mobility has increased significantly, from walking downstairs, to increased general mobility, to feeling better and stronger. (Managed 2- 35 lb bags of compost from my car to my back yard!) And recently I noticed after class I always need to adjust my rear view mirror because I am sitting straighter!  

Lynne is an amazing instructor, kind, patient, and so encouraging of all the participants. I have learned a great deal, and am grateful for discovering her classes! 

What are your other interests?

My other activities include gardening and painting.  I have been an artist seriously for 20+ years, although I have always doodled and sketched. 

Tell us more about your painting.    What type of art do you do?

I have done several art vacations, to BC, Nova Scotia, around AB, and to The Greek island of Hydra. (Leonard Cohen had a home there and now there’s a road named for him). I paint in all mediums but my favourites are acrylics and pastels. I love painting acrylic landscapes inspired by our beautiful surroundings.

I also paint animals and choose pastels for them as that medium just seems to allow me to translate the feeling of their fur.  

I am passionate about art, I paint things that I love and move me, always striving to evoke an emotion in those who see my work.


Can you tell us about a time when your work moved someone?

Many years ago in an art show, I had a painting of a huge tree with a swing on its lower branch, an old wooden ladder leading to a resting place.  I watched 2 little boys around 8 – 10 yrs old mesmerized, pointing and chatting secretly to each other in front of the painting – they got it! The painting was called “The Secret Place”.

A few years ago I participated in a neighbourhood beautification project in Kensington, painting a 4’x4’ piece to be mounted in a fence around a condo construction site.  Shortly after the paintings were mounted on the fence, mine was stolen.  I wavered between sadness, anger, and flattered that it was stolen. I have since repainted it, calling it Vanishing Images. 

Vanishing Images

Where can we see your work?

I am showing some at the Dewinton community centre Thanksgiving weekend , and I take commissions on request. 

My most creative art days are the afternoons after an Essentrics session because I just feel so great. 

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