Meet Laurielle Stringer, RMT

I met Laurielle when I moved to Calgary several years ago.  She had also recently moved here and was building up her massage practice.  I thought I would support her by going for a massage and to my great delight, she turned out to be one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to.  Laurielle has amazingly “good” hands.  They are strong, very intuitive and healing.  She is a super kind person with a heart of gold.  And hey, Laurielle is a Saskatchewan girl, just like me.  She has to be a good person, right?!


Let’s get to know Laurielle


BYCfitness: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Laurielle: My name is Laurielle Stringer. I’m originally from Gravelbourg, a unique little French town in southern Saskatchewan. I moved to Calgary seven years ago from Regina. ‘’The mountains were calling’’ and wow am I glad I was listening. Leaving Regina and my first clientele of six years was going to be a challenge. In turn it became one of the best choices I’ve ever made. With my training and experience as an RMT, I was quickly hired at a clinic in Bridgeland, which helped me make a name for myself, again in a new city.

Presently, I run a home-based massage practice and I am also a part-time Flight Attendant with WestJet. I have a passion for travel and these two careers have shown to be a nice balance. When I am not flying the skies, I enjoy staying connected to nature by snowboarding, hiking or biking in the mountains.  These activities keep me grounded and focused on my mental and physical health goals. I strive to inspire, educate and help people build that body mind connection.









BYCfitness: Why did you decide to become a massage therapist?

Laurielle: The journey of why I chose this line of work started 15 years ago. I went back home after a year of travel to continue my Karate training and at that time my Sensei was attending Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Regina. After experiencing the benefits of a therapeutic massage, I was instantly inspired to apply and start my own training to be an RMT.


BYCfitness: Aside from your foundational courses to become a registered massage therapist, what other courses have you taken?

Laurielle: Over the years, I’ve continued my training by taking courses in sports massage, myofascial release, pre and post natal massage, cupping therapy and meridian massage with future plans to take a course on mindful meditation.


BYCfitness: What services do you currently offer?

Laurielle: I currently offer relaxation, therapeutic/cupping, child massage and prenatal massage. Treatments range from 45 min to 2-hour sessions.



BYCfitness: Do you have an underlying philosophy?

Laurielle: Massage is a form of communication that helps people on all levels. Physically, emotionally and mentally. I believe that massage isn’t just limited to fixing some muscular problem and ease a physical pain   It can also help people relate with their deeper emotions, feel their true feelings and learn to hear what their body is asking for. It helps connect us to our body, mind and soul.


BYCfitness: You have a very unique business name. Can you tell us what it means and why you chose it?

Laurielle: “A fond massage” means to do something to the fullest, to be thorough. I believe as a therapist I have committed to give the best I can. To help and aid. To give my full attention and the full range of my skills to address my clients’ specific needs. I have chosen to provide the best service and quality in the art of healing.


BYCfitness: How can clients contact you? 


Book online through the JANE APP

PHONE/TEXT: 587-888-3398


Find me on Facebook @afondmassage

Find me on Instagram @afondmassage


BYCfitness: Laurielle is offering new clients a great incentive. I highly recommend you visit Laurielle. She’s awesome!!!

Laurielle: Contact me and mention Lynne’s newsletter.


$10 off your first treatment


60 minutes for $60 – Refer a Friend – you and a friend will receive a 60 min session for $60

Valid during April and May 2019.

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