Lynne’s Winter Fitness Challenge


For the months of December, January and February, you are invited to participate in my winter challenge, where you will be asked to perform a variety of physical tasks.   They are meant to get you moving, to put a smile on your face and to help you embrace the winter months.


Get Started:

1) Download this “bingo card”

2) Print out 3 copies (one for each month, Dec/Jan/Feb) and place them somewhere where you will see them daily.

3) Have a look at the 24 tasks to accomplish each month.

4) Let me know you’re joining in so that I can give you some extra encouragement.


Get Moving:

1) Perform all the tasks for one month and cross them out once accomplished.  You can perform one or more activities on any given day.  Your goal is to do them all by the end of the month.

2) If you cannot perform some of the activities, you can substitute with a 20 minute walk OR with one of your Essentrics classes or personal training sessions with Lynne.

3) Once your card is complete, email me a copy (scan or photo) by the end of the given month and you will be entered to win the monthly prize.

4) Repeat the same activities for all three months (3 completed bingo cards) and you can win multiple times.  Email all completed cards to me by the end of their respective month.



1) Monthly:  At the end of each month (Dec/Jan/Feb) I will be randomly draw one completed bingo card from those submitted.  The winner will receive a health and fitness package.  Prizes will vary (and they’re still coming in!) but may include a high quality groovy water bottle, massage, workout journal, massage balls, supplements, gift cards, winter accessories, etc.

2) Grand Prize: All submitted completed bingo cards from all three months will be placed in a draw for a grand prize worth over $500!  Prizes will cover everything you need to workout and recover this winter.  Prizes are still coming in but will include $150 BYCfitness dollars to put towards Essentrics classes or personal training, a massage, a reflexology session, high quality water bottle, amazing supplement package, a day hiking backpack, and more!

The grand prize draw will take place on March 1st, 2022.   All cards and entries must be in by February 28th, 2022, 11:59pm to be eligible.


Bonus Entries:

1) Looking for more ways to win the grand prize?  You can do so by taking a picture of yourself performing one of the activities and posting it on Instagram and / or Facebook.  You must tag @lynneBYCfitness and use the hashtag #becauseyoucanfitness

2) Bonus entries for referring friends to the challenge.


The challenge is sponsored by:

Replenish Health Store

Power Health Chinook

Because You Can Fitness  



Let’s MOVE, have FUN and get FIT this winter!

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