My Essentrics® Journey

I have been in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years and nothing has me as motivated and excited as Essentrics®.

I first heard about Essentrics® from my sister.  She happened to come across the Aging Backwards program on PBS a few years ago (presented by the founder of Essentrics® Miranda Esmonde-White).  She wanted my opinion about it as she respects my lengthy background as a personal trainer.

I was certainly intrigued by the program and its supposed benefits.  I chose to take the Level 1 Essentrics® teacher training and became hooked!  Within a few short months of studying the technique and practicing it almost daily, several of my health concerns either improved or vanished.  Years of competitive bodybuilding had left their mark on my body.  Prior to my introduction to Essentrics® I had started getting severe back pain a few times per month which lasted for over one year.  Within a few months of Essentrics® it was gone.  It has never come back.  I also had chronic plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  After several thousand dollars in various treatments (massage, chiropractic, shock wave, acupuncture, laser) and two years of pain, the plantar fasciitis all but disappeared after 3 months of regular Essentrics®.

My personal results encouraged me to continue my training (I am now a fully certified, level 4 instructor) and to offer classes to the public.  My goal was to help others move better, feel stronger and move beyond their pain and injuries.    I am into my sixth year of teaching Essentrics® in Calgary and this goal has been realized.  Read these testimonials to get a taste of what my clients are experiencing.

Essentrics® is a fitness program that everyone can do – children, adults, seniors, and athletes.  This workout rebalances the body from head to toe.  It is gentle and challenging.  Rigorous and therapeutic.  Healing and energizing.  It has changed my life.  I believe it can do the same for you.