Christmastime – Time to Connect



Every month I have my clients work on a habit.  This month the habit does not involve nutrition or exercise.  It’s about the heart and making mindful choices to connect with those around you.

I was inspired to suggest this habit this month after watching the commercial below.  It brought tears to my eyes as it depicted what so many of us feel at this time of year.



With Christmas and the Holidays fast approaching, you may be feeling the weight of the Season.   You may be overwhelmed with the gifts you need to buy, the parties you need to attend and the family members you need to entertain.  You might feel indifferent towards Christmas and prefer to lay low and not participate.  This may also be a time when you feel lonely, missing a loved one or being far from home.

Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum, we can use this time of the year to rejoice in the beauty of connecting with others.  What if the perfect gift this Christmas was time?  Time to have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, time to have a meal with a family member where you can truly sit down and catch up.  Perhaps it’s chatting with your neighbor for a few minutes while you’re both outside shovelling snow (heck, invite them in for a drink!).  Rather than texting, actually phone someone special that you haven’t connected with in a long time.


What’s your plan?

Who will you connect with?

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