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What the heck is Essentrics®? E-what?  No, not “eKcentric” (although I have been known to act in strange and unusual ways :)). “Hey Lynne, you spelled it wrong.  Isn’t it Eccentrics with 2 c’s?”  Nope. And no, it’s not kind of like Yoga.  Nor is it kind of like Pilates.  It’s Essentrics.  Essentrics – the […]

I am thrilled to launch my new website, complete with a new look and new name.  Because You Can Fitness was born from years of working with clients and realizing the incredible potential that we all possess.  It was also born from realizing that we often doubt and limit ourselves.  Sometimes we need a push […]

Welcome! This is where you’ll find all my latest posts about healthy living, nutrition, exercise, and some of the things I get asked about the most when I’m training. So read on and thanks for stopping by.